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Want to share Bariatric Lifeline Academy Courses - The 123 Method and Pre-Surgery Shift with your patients and give them a coupon code?


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We provide a 30% off coupon code for our digital courses. This is for Doctor's Offices and Practices that work with Bariatric Patients only.



I'll Make It Easy

I want to help you help your patients as soon as possible. I will provide a coupon code to you as soon as you submit your information within 24 hours or sooner.



Let's Make Sure It's a Good Fit!

Your Office Works Directly with Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Patients

Here at Bariatric Lifeline Academy we help Pre and Post Weight Loss Surgery Patients maximize and Sustain results. If your office works with patients, you would be a good fit.

Your Office Can Provide Patients with Our Website URL and Coupon Code

We work with doctor's offices and practices who serve bariatric patients and can provide them a link with a discount code to use upon checkout.

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If you feel like this is a good fit, I would love to get you started ASAP. We personally review all applications within 48 or less.